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WooCommerce Extra Description Below Products

Plugin task is to provide SEO for categories/sections. Plugin shows on the page of goods categories, the additional lower description, created for promotion of a shop in search engines. With the help of plugin you will be able to display on page of categories two descriptions – the upper and the lower. You also can fulfill the upper and the lower description on the page of categories editing. A sample of using:

UPPER description – 1-2 short text paragraphs “for people”, which describe what is represented in this category. It is not obligatory to fill in this field.
– goods window –
LOWER description – text with keywords for web crawlers. The recommended quantity of text – 1.5-2 thousand letters. It is created for promotion of these pages by certain keywords.

This plugin allows to optimize pages of goods categories for search engines without any losses for shop usability.If the text with key words is located below, buyers will not pay any attention to it. That is why below should be written SEO optimized text (text with keywords), which will not represent any interest for people, but can significantly influence on shop promotion by certain keywords.

This plugin can work without WooCommerce, as well as with USUAL CATEGORIES.

Plugin features:
1. On the page of categories editing will be displayed one more field “Description (in the end)”
2. Text in the field “Description (in the end)” can be added not only while editing of categories, but while adding new categories also.
3. It displays data of this field in categories after goods or inscriptions.
4. It works as with goods categories as with usual sections.

WooCommerce. Страница редактирования категории товара

WooCommerce. Страница редактирования категории товара

Woocommerce. Дополнительное описание для категорий

Woocommerce. Дополнительное описание для категорий

Plugin price: 10 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Extra Description Below Products.

You can download plugin WooCommerce Extra Description Below Products at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
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