WooCommerce Combined Products


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WooCommerce Combined Products

This option allows to create tie-in sales, grouped goods, as well as sets which consist of several goods. If you have added such a product, you can also add any other product to it – it can be easily done on the tab “Joint products”. On the page of any product, all the other products are displayed on a special tab “Include products”. This allows the consumer see all the content of the set and also gives an opportunity to click on every product particularly.

Join goods in sets and offer consumers a discount on such a purchase of the whole set of goods!

BONUS. When you purchase this plugin, you will receive a BONUS – plugin WooCommerce Management tabs for free!

While adding combined goods in a cart, will be added only one product (but not the whole set of the related products). Therefore the order is made by the price of the main grouped product. The price of such a combined product you point out by yourself while adding it into a cart – the price can be different, in other words, it will not be displayed and calculated automatically according to the whole sum of the added goods.

Note! When you want to create a grouped product, you can add to it any goods, but not their variations. For instance, you can add to a grouped product variable-based products, but without pointing out such variations like size, color and etc.

Use this plugin in the following way:
1. You create a new product – then name it, for instance, like a “Set…”
2. On the page of product editing, click a tab “Joint products ” and find an option “ Combined goods” – enter the first 2-3 letter and an “alive” search will find you the goods – you choose particular goods, which will be added in this group (set) – see screenshot.
3. Display. On the page of such a combined product, will be a special tab “Include products”, where are displayed all the goods, which are included in this set. And also verbal instruction “These products will be available, if you order this product”.

WooCommerce. Групированные товары (комплекты)

WooCommerce. Групированные товары (комплекты)

WooCommerce. Группированные товары

WooCommerce. Группированные товары

Plugin price: 10 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Combined Products.

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