Up to 40% Discount

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Our discount program now allows you to save when buying a new plugin. From now on we have a cumulative discount in our store. To be able to get and use this discount, it is primary to place orders as an authorized user. To do it when placing the first order you should find a line “Do you want to register?” and check the box next to it, after that enter a username and password you will use to login. This way you can create a permanent profile on our website and next time you will be making a new order you can login by filling out only username and password fields. If you make an order in a guest mode you will not be able to get or apply this discount.

To get a minimum 15 % discount is required to have previously paid orders for $30 USD or more. The developers of online stores can easily get 30% or 40% discount and considerably save their costs in future.

Conditions to get the discount:
If the total sum of all your previous orders is
from $30 USD to $199.9 USD – 15%
from $200 USD to $299.9 USD – 20%
from $300 USD to $399 USD – 30%
$400 USD or more – 40%

What if you have already purchased from us but as a guest, how can you get a discount?
If you have already bought plugins earlier, but did not register you should do the following. Create an account on our website and let us know your login or email address – we will assign this account to your previous orders. Also, do not forget to tell us the number of your previous order.

I will buy and execute plugins for my customers on different e-mail addresses.

– Simply fill in the domains and email addresses of customers when making an order. Orders are added to your profile, not to the email account .

Is there any referral link or anything like that?
There is no affiliate system yet, it may be developed soon.