WooCommerce Currency Converter. Multicurrency

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WooCommerce Currency Converter / Multi-Currency / Prices in two Currencies

The plugin allows to change the display of prices in the other currencies. Recalculation is an automatic process which can be done at the exchange rate, you can edit in the plugin settings. Change of prices in the other currencies is an immediate action which comes without page reloading.

– Support for more than 100 currencies.
– Possibility to specify the currency you want to appear in the selector .
– Possibility to set your own course for every currency .
– Possibility to set any currency in order to display all the prices on the website by default.
– Function – two prices . If you select the additional currency in settings, then on the product page the price will be displayed in 2 currencies at once (for instance, in hryvnias and U.S. dollars , as on the Plug).
– Display of prices in two currencies (for instance , xxx rub and xxx $) on the item card, in the categories, in the cart, in other words, everywhere except the checkout page ( the Payment page ).At the checkout page the price is displayed only in the basic currency, the amount which is transferred on the gateways for payment is also displayed in the basic currency of the store.

Plugin «Currency Converter» can be applied in the following cases:

1. In order to use payment gateways, which do not work with your currency. You can specify the basic currency, for example, USD, but in the settings of «Currency Converter» select the currency of your country by default to display all the prices on the website. In this case, the customer will not have a necessity to be switched in the selector rates. Initially all the prices will be represented in the selected currency, but the bill for payment will be discharged in USD.

In it is convenient, for instance, when you want to use PayPal, but unfortunately, PayPal does not accept Russian rubles for payment. In this case, as the basic currency can be used the U.S. dollar, and on the web site (for users) display all the prices in rubles.

Another example – when you want to use such payment gateway as WebMoney, which does not work with your currency (for instance, Armenian Dram – AMD). In this case, as the basic currency can be used rubles, and on the web site (for users) display prices in AMD.

2. Function – two prices. It is convenient for customers. This option also allows you to keep accounts of goods in U.S. dollars (it is especially useful when the purchasing price is in U.S. dollars).

A sample. As the basic currency in the settings of Woocommerce you select the U.S.dollar. Therefore on the edit page of goods you select the price in dollars, but on the page with product description, you can display the price in hryvnias and USD at the same time – as on the plug. In converter settings you set the dollar rate. Thus, on the product page price in the U.S. dollars will be the main and hryvnia numbers will be correspondingly smaller as a reference.

But if you want to make hryvnia as the basic currency on the product page, and make dollar numbers correspondingly smaller as a reference, then you need to run in the converter only two settings (as it is displayed in the screenshot).
– In the selector “Currency by default” select Ukrainian hryvnia.
– In the selector “Additional currency” select the U.S. dollar. The additional currency will be always displayed in a smaller size.


This allows you to keep accounts of prices and sales in the U.S. dollars (or in any other purchasing price), but for users everything will be displayed in the currency of their country.

3. “Currency Selector “ – allows users change the currency by themselves. This function can be displayed anywhere on the web site, for instance, in sitebar (widget) or in the web site header . You are able not to change the prices on the website, but display just this function as the additional convenience for buyers – if it is necessary, the customer will change the exchange rates by himself . If in Woocommerce settings you have chosen as the basic currency hryvnia (currency by default) , then when you open the site (regardless of country), all the prices will be represented in the hryvnias. Then the buyer can change the currency on the currency of his country in the selector, which is more easy to use . This allows the buyer navigate better in the prices of goods.

Layout of Currency Selector

Woocommerce. Мультивалютность
Woocommerce. Мультивалютность. Селектор

Woocommerce. Currency Converter. Settings

Woocommerce. Конвертор валют. Настройки
Woocommerce. Конвертор валют. Настройки

Note! If at the end of the currency cutt-off there is a dot, you NEED to put the currency sign into the right position in WC settings. Otherwise, 10 hryvnias are understood as 0.10 hryvnias.

Note! When you set the currency course in accordance of U.S. dollar you need to use only a dot. (not comma).

Note! The currency in which the store sends the payment amount on the payment gateway – this is the currency that the administrator sets in the main settings of Woocommerce (currency by default). Converter plugin does not change and does not send the amount of payment on the payment gateways, but serves only for display of prices on the website.

Plugin “Currency converter” does not work with payment gateways. Gateways work only with the basic currency of the web site.

For instance, when the online store sends the payment amount on the payment gateway in UAH , the payment system will automatically convert this amount into the currency with which it works. For instance, when you make an order with the help of plugin “Multicurrency Woocommerce” on our website , and decide to pay via QIWI purse , then our online store will transfer the amount of 160.00 USD on the payment gateway KIWI, and when you visit the website of QIWI payment system for making the payment of the product , then this amount will be already represented in rubles ( as the system has already converted rubles by itself ). Conversely, if in the online store the basic currency is represented in dollars, when the buyer will make an order, your online store will transfer on the payment gateway ( for example, Privat24 ) the amount of 20 USD. When a customer visits the web site of the payment system Privat24, the payment amount will be already represented in UAH.

The exchange rate by which payment systems will convert your currency into the currency for payment, frequently is set by the payment system and it is impossible to change it (for example, as in the payment system of Privat24). But in some cases, you can manually set the course in the account settings of the payment system (some systems allow you to do this). For example, in the Interkassa can be set “ the rate for your store in accordance to the U.S. dollar (USD)”, as in the Interkassa balance of the accounting is in USD.


Currency Selector can be displayed in the sitebar via widget.
You can also display Currency Selector function at any place, for instance in the header. In order to do this, edit your sample – add in the necessary place this function.

There is the similar function return_currensy_R( ) – which does the same.

The course, which the plugin uses at once after installation – is a static rate, which is added in plugin settings by default. It is necessary for you to set your own course.

When you use converter it is necessary to set currency reduction if there is a dot at the end (such as hrv.)of the sum. In other words hrv.500.00 – can be understood as 0.5 hrv., as there is a dot ahead.
It can be done on the page WooCommerce -> Settings – insert “Catalog”.
Placement of currency sign- on the right (with space).

How does the rounding of prices work?
– You can specify in settings any course with floating dot (example, 10.786476) – you have to use only the dot. This plugin rounds the prices automatically up to two decimal places in the front-end (this is an external customer part of the web site, i.e. for the users), otherwise if they are rounded up to whole numbers, there will be significant distortions in the amounts (for example, 0.5 will become 0).

Where and how the converter works?
– The converter works on the following pages: Home store page, on page of product categories (i.e., in the catalog) on the product page (goods card) and the Cart page, i.e. everywhere except the checkout page (Payment page). At the checkout page the price is displayed in the basic currency and the amount that is transferred to the payment gateway is also in the basic currency of the store. The converter does not change the basic currency of the store – all orders will be made and paid in the currency that you have specified in the settings page of the store on WooCommerce page -> Settings – insert “General”. The plugin not only helps the users to understand the prices, but also helps customers navigate in prices.

– If the converter works not properly for the “Cart” widget, then we have a special version for such web sites – please contact us if you have such a problem.

Why the currency changes to the default currency in the cart, if in the cart I change the delivery method. Is this a plugin bug or something needs to be changed in the settings?
– It’s not really a bug. Unfortunately, at this stage, can be displayed only the currency that is specified in the settings of the store, in view of the fact that this block is loaded by ajax.

Here is an example of incorrect setting, after which the plugin was not working.

Woocommerce Мультивалютность Saphali
Woocommerce Мультивалютность Saphali

Hello. such a question about this converter plugin.
I have the main currency on the euro site (or say dollars, it doesn’t matter), but I want to make Russian the language on my site and the ability to pay clients in rubles, mainly webmoney. but naturally webmoney swears, because the wallet is WMR, and the currency is euro or dollars. your CURRENCY CONVERTER plugin will help in this case or what to do?

and 1 more point about the Yandex money gateway. the goods are added as euros, and rubles are paid through this gateway – is there any way to help this?

The converter itself only visually on the client side recalculates the currency in the price (in the catalog, on the product’s card, in widgets and the basket), but when paying (that is, when going to the checkout checkout page), only the main currency of the store appears. CURRENCY CONVERTER. MULTI-CURRENCY will allow buyers ONLY to switch on the website the display of prices from one currency to another, and not issue invoices for payment in another currency.

But since There are converters in our payment gateways – they allow you to issue an invoice for payment in another currency. Therefore, set the US dollar as the main currency of the store, and then in the payment gateways (Yandex.Money, WebMoney) in the course field, make settings (according to the prompts in the attached screenshots).

Plugin price: 60 USD.
The price includes: plugin Woocommerce Universal Plugin Delivery.

You can download plugin Woocommerce Universal Plugin Delivery at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
BONUS. Client’s feedback plugin – https://saphali.com/wordpress-plugin-reviews

We accept:

  1. Payeer (payment through Payeer).
  2. PayPal.

Delivery is fully automated.
Right after the payment you will get an email with links to download the plugin and links to instructions if they are attached. Also right after the payment the billing service will redirect you back to our site to the "Thank you" page, where you will also be able to download the plugin. In addition, you can always download the plugin(s) on the orders page in your profile - https://saphali.com/en/account.

You can use a cumulative discount.
If you would like to have discounts on our website in future, we recommend you to create a permanent account on our site. You can register directly when placing the order. To do it when placing the order you should find a line "Do you want to register?" and check the box next to it, after that enter a username and password you will use to login.

To find out your current cumulative discount you should visit this page https://saphali.com/en/discount - the system will automatically define your discount.

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