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Saphali Interactive
Make an order in advance – Call back – TOP- Contacts -and- Live Chat SiteHeart (button “Ask a question”)

WooCommerce 2.0.0 support (at WooCommerce 1.6.6 was not tested, but maybe also works)

This plugin includes 3 functions:
1. Make an order (buy under the order) – plugin allows customers to make order of products which are not in stock. Checkout of purchase is carried out via a special checkout form.
2. Call back – displays the button of callback on your web site (stick to the right edge of the screen).
3. TOP – Contacts – shows phone numbers, which are displayed at the top of the web site after scrolling a bit down. Fixed-line phone in Top.
+ Bonus 1 – a simple step by step instruction for installation of an online chat SiteHeart – installation for 5-minutes ( + an exclusive ready-made plugin) .
+ Bonus 2 – plugin “Customers’ reviews“.

Features of the function “Make an order” :
– Adds a button “Make an order” – allows you to make an order , when the status of goods availability is “Out of stock”.
– The order is filled via a special checkout form where you will need to enter Name , E-mail, Phone , Comment .
– The order comes on the email of the administrator. These orders will not redirect customers to the payment page , they are just preliminary orders and can be made only through the checkout form .
– Works both with simple and variable products.
– Anti-spam protection from bots (special hidden field , if it is filled, will appear an error).

When the plugin can be applied:
– You can allow customers create “preliminary” orders for goods which are not in stock , but you can have them delivered within a few days. This will expand your assortment range , as well as it will allow the user to study the user demand . Once you have made such an order , you can call back to the buyer and specify – whether he is ready to wait for a few days , or you can point out a specific time of delivery for such goods in advance.
– You can apply this function when the moderator Yandex.Market does not pass your site because it doesn’t meet one of the requirements – have a button “To buy” (the reason is that iWooCommerce automatically removes it if the product is no longer available).

Function “Checkout form”

WooCommerce Function "Under the order" for out of stock Products

Function “Under the order” for out of stock Products

WooCommerce Under the order Checkout Form

Under the order Checkout Form

WooCommerce Interactive Settings

WooCommerce Interactive Settings

WooCommerce Under the order. Product-Page - tab Inventory

Under the order. Product-Page – tab Inventory

Function «TOP-Contacts»

Woocommerce Function «TOP-Contacts»

Function «TOP-Contacts»

Function «Call back»

Woocommerce Function «Call back»

Function «Call back»

Plugin price: 20 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Interactive (3 in 1).

You can download plugin WooCommerce Interactive (3 in 1) at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
BONUS. Client’s feedback plugin – https://saphali.com/wordpress-plugin-reviews

We accept:

  1. VISA and MasterCard (payment through LiqPay)

Delivery is fully automated.
Right after the payment you will get an email with links to download the plugin and links to instructions if they are attached. Also right after the payment the billing service will redirect you back to our site to the "Thank you" page, where you will also be able to download the plugin. In addition, you can always download the plugin(s) on the orders page in your profile - https://saphali.com/en/account.

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If you would like to have discounts on our website in future, we recommend you to create a permanent account on our site. You can register directly when placing the order. To do it when placing the order you should find a line "Do you want to register?" and check the box next to it, after that enter a username and password you will use to login.

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