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WooCommerce Filter By Attributes LITE

Support of WooCommerce version 1.6.6, as well as WooCommerce 2.0.0 and higher
Filter products by Attributes LITE – allows you to create and output your custom filters for each category. Filters allow your customers to sort products only by the criteria, which interest them in order not to see the products that they are not interested in. It saves users time as well as the resources of your server (reduces the load on your server) – by this you reduce the number of transitions on goods that don’t suit buyers by properties.

In order to use in categories filters, the most optional variant is to do this through the taxonomic properties, rather than through the individual properties or heads. By the way, for the conditions (values) of each property can be prescribed the fields Title, Description.

The plugin allows you to connect filters to categories or selectors or list. You can see the last screenshot, which will show you how to do.

The plugin can be filtered by several properties simultaneously. For example, a customer opened the category “T-shirts” and filtered them by size “XL”, then he can sort them again another property – such as Color, Fabric, Style…

Here is a sample of his work https://my-aquarium.com.ua/categories/lighting_lamps/lamps_t5

The filter works only within one category – in other words, it filters only those goods which are in the category, which is open to the user.

If the user opened the main page of the store (general catalog – page Shop) – most often, here https://site.com/shop – the filter works by all goods which are in the store. Also on this page you can use absolutely all filters (properties ). Such a page is called a “ Store” (or Shop) by default – here it is possible to use filters on all the properties that are in the store. But in the categories can be used filters only by those properties , which are applied to products in this category – there is no point to connect to this category filters of all the other product categories,as there are no products with such properties and their search will lead to the fact, that in this category will not be found ANY PRODUCT on set criterion.

Also note that the plugin works only with taxonomic (global) properties. During scanning of heads it garbles from all the goods their properties – but only taxonomic (the individual are not taken into account).
Taxonomic properties are added on the page Products-> Attributes.

Plugin features:
1. Automatic integration of filters in this category.
2. Automatic integration of filters on the page “Store”.
3. The ability to create custom sets of filters for each category separately or not display them in some categories at all.
4. Ability to apply filter at the same time by 2-3 or more properties.
5 . Ability to display filters in the form of “selectors “ or show the filter in the form of a complete list of all the properties.
6. Ability to display filters only in subsidiary categories.
7. Adds settings for the widget “Sortion by price” – allows you to adjust its outlook.
8. If you are using our plugin import from price list,then properties are much more convenient to add in the appropriate columns of price list and then add/update the product and its properties by import.
9. Actually properties are the same as the heads (taxonomy ), and for them as well, you can insert a description (seo texts or maybe it will be necessary to insert into the sample just one option if the default description is not displayed ), also you will be able to prescribe for each page of properties their own meta- data (title, description). Each value of any property on the web site has its own page (on which are displayed items in categories, as a result you will get a huge number of the additional pages, which you can use in web site promotion.

WooCommerce. Фильтр товаров по свойствам LITE

WooCommerce. Фильтр товаров по свойствам LITE

How to add filter by property on the web site.
1. Add a new property on the site . In order to make this go to Goods -> Properties and create a property. On the opposite of each property there will be a link “Customize conditions “ (Configure terms), click it and then add all the conditions that you plan to apply to the goods. This type of properties is called as taxonomy or global attributes.

Добавление новых свойств для товаров woocommerce

Добавление новых свойств для товаров

If you use our plugin “Import of goods from CSV”, create a column in price list for the properties and then import these columns as a taxonomic features of the goods (preliminary, before import, create these features on the web site , you should not add the conditions, as they will be added automatically after import).

2. Now during the publication of goods, apply to them only global attributes (taxonomic)..

WooCommerce. Добавление товарам свойств

WooCommerce. Добавление товарам свойств

3. Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings – Insert “Filters in categories” – here you can activate filters in categories, and assign different sets of filters for different categories.

WooCommerce. Активация и назначение фильтров для категорий.

WooCommerce. Активация и назначение фильтров для категорий.

The whole instruction is represented by the screenshots on this page. In particular here are shown all the settings https://saphali.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/WooCommerce-filtr-tovarov-po-svojstvam-lite.png
Go to the page WooCommerce -> Settings – Insert “Filters in the categories” and all will become clear to you – plugin parse all the properties that can be found in each specific category of goods and display them in the list – you will only have to place ticks, output them in categories and save . In order to make this plugin work it is not required to do something in the code.

The plugin works only in product categories, so if you output the catalog on normal pages (shortcode), therefore filters will not be displayed, as well as it will not work the standard sorting of WooCommerce. Use categories on purpose, rather than trying to shift the catalog on pages.

Filters can be displayed only in this way, as it is shown in this screenshot https://saphali.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/WooCommerce-filter-products.png (i.e., in product categories, but not in the sidebar ). There is another filter for sitebar – Navigation by layers – this is a standard widget of WooCommerce, which runs slightly a different way and its work is not connected to the work of this plugin.
You can download plugin of Woocommerce Filters for categories immediately after payment. After buying this plugin you will receive 15 % discount.

You can use this plugin ONLY ON SITE 1. In order to install the same plugin on another site, it is necessary to order and pay for it once again. However, during the next time order You will be able to use a promo code for 15% (discount in cart).
Attention! Before buying plugin, please carefully read the description and look at the screenshots. If you don’t understand anything from the description, you can ask us any questions via the page Contacts or ask to watch the demo video.

Be sure to read the terms of service: Terms and Conditions.

Plugin price: 50 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Filter By Attributes LITE.

You can download plugin WooCommerce Filter By Attributes LITE at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
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