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WooCommerce Progressive Discounts

Plugin for use in shops with discount programs and systems of progressive discounts! Progressive discounts – it is a discount, which depend on the whole sum of all consumer order in this shop.

Features of plugin:
1. Progressive discount in a cart (the whole one-off discount for everyone). It is intended for everyone (authorized users, and also for those who made order in a guest mode). It is used at once, when the sum of the order exceeds a certain limit (it is set). For instance, 1000 – 1%, 3000 – 3%, 5000 – 5% or set a fixed sum – 1000 – 50 rubles., 3000 – 80 rubles., 5000 – 100 rubles and etc.

2. Progressive discount (discount program – works at the level of accounts) – having a purchase in a store from ___ thousand rubles, the user get a certain discount. It is can be used only by authorized users.

Example savings discounts

Example savings discounts

When an authorized user visits cart or payment page, then the shop checks all his previous orders and sums it. If the whole sum exceeds the limits, his automatically gets progressive discount, which can be used in the next order.

When the sum of all consumer orders achieves a certain limit, he automatically gets a discount in the system. When he will make another order, while order formation, he has to authorize in a shop, as in a guest mode progressive discount can be used. For participation in progressive program, the user also has to make order only after his authorization.

The user will not have to enter coupons. If progressive discount is available, he will see a message, for instance, Your progressive discount is 5% or 100 rubles. We also recommend you to place at the web site, an easy-to-see discount with a description of discount program, in order all users got acquainted with discounts and intended to get/collect them.

It is also taken into account, if the user already have progressive discount (which is offered to everyone after excess of a certain limit), then the discount in a cart will be automatically ignored. In this case will be used only discount by discount program, which is for sure should be more than the one-off discount in a cart for everyone.

Version = 1.0.3 = Here is added a possibility to use the other coupons with an individual use, in other words, without using progressive discount. You can give users the other discount coupons, thus in discount coupon setting should be turned an option – an individual use, in order the user could be able to use any other discount, besides this coupon.

Version = 1.0.2 = Here is added a possibility of reverse offer a discount on goods in accordance with an option “Exclude categories” (it excludes a discount on goods from selected categories) and “Categories of goods” (allows to use a discount on goods from the selected categories). If you activate an option “Reverse discount account”, then progressive discount will be applied to all the products in a cart, except those, which are not included in categories, which you have already excluded (a discount on these good is not applied). There were cases, when in the cart was found at least one product from the excluded categories, then progressive discount has not been applied at all.

3. Shortcode [­saphali_user_discount­] – allows buyers see their progressive discount and the whole sum of goods. It is applied at this page https://saphali.com/en/discount

Work example:

You do not have a discount. Please log into see your current cumulative discount or log in by entering your phone number

WooCommerce. If the user is not logged in

WooCommerce. If the user is not logged in

WooCommerce. If the user is logged in

WooCommerce. If the user is logged in

4. Role discount (only for certain users) – you can give a certain discount to any user or users by your yourself (fixed sum or per cent).

Role discount. Settings and hints

Woocommerce. Role discount. Settings and hints.

IT IS NECESSARY TO POINT OUT THE NAME OF THE COUPON – as it serves as an identification of discounts. If the name does not indicate the discounts do not apply.

We recommend you check the option “An individual use”, in order to forbid the user apply to the order any other discount coupons (if he has them). It is done in order the user could once again (the second time) decrease the sum of the order.

Adding discounts

Woocommerce. Adding discounts

Attention! Proper setting of coupons “Progressive discount in the shop” and “Progressive in a cart”
If the discount is in fixed sum, then it is necessary to enter its number, but if the discount is suggested in per cents, then after the indication, it is necessary to put a sign %.

A sample:
…discount in fixed sum
From 3000 up 5999 – 3 (discount will be calculated by fixed sum)
From 6000 up 9999 – 5
…discount in per cents
From 3000 up 5999 – 3% (discount will be calculated in per cents)
From 6000 up 9999 – 5%

Discount. Discount Program 2.0 & lower

Discount. Discount Program 2.1.x & higher Woocommerce. Discount. Discount Program

P.S. Plugin should be set so that the coupons and progressive discounts were separate from each other. In other words, if a person uses his progressive discount, then he can’t use a coupon. But in settings can be allowed to use progressive discount and coupon (code).

Plugin price: 30 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Progressive Discounts.

You can download plugin WooCommerce Progressive Discounts at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
BONUS. Client’s feedback plugin – https://saphali.com/wordpress-plugin-reviews

We accept:

  1. VISA and MasterCard (payment through LiqPay)

Delivery is fully automated.
Right after the payment you will get an email with links to download the plugin and links to instructions if they are attached. Also right after the payment the billing service will redirect you back to our site to the "Thank you" page, where you will also be able to download the plugin. In addition, you can always download the plugin(s) on the orders page in your profile - https://saphali.com/en/account.

You can use a cumulative discount.
If you would like to have discounts on our website in future, we recommend you to create a permanent account on our site. You can register directly when placing the order. To do it when placing the order you should find a line "Do you want to register?" and check the box next to it, after that enter a username and password you will use to login.

To find out your current cumulative discount you should visit this page https://saphali.com/en/discount - the system will automatically define your discount.


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