WooCommerce Additional Tab “Payment and Delivery”


10.00 $


Additional Tab “Payment and Delivery” / Extra Tab For All Products

The Plugin adds to the product page (to the product description) one more Tab “Payment and Delivery“, where you can enter the text concerning the delivery cost and terms for this product.

BONUS. When you buy this plugin, you will get a BONUS – tab management WooCommerce plugin for free! WooCommerce Управление вкладками

Features of the plugin:
1. Capability to rename the tab title. Default – Payment and Delivery.
2. Capability to add any text and html- code in the field.
3. Capability of autocompletion – in settings you can specify the existing page from which the content for this tab will be pulled up. The page is easily chosen from the drop-down list or through the “live” search – just to enter the first 2-3 letters is enough.
4. Capability of bulk filling up of the “Payment and Delivery” field for all the products.

Дополнительный таб Оплата и доставка

Дополнительный таб Оплата и доставка


Дополнительный таб Оплата и доставка

Woocommerce. Возможность массового заполнения вкладки-таба

Woocommerce. Возможность массового заполнения вкладки-таба

Plugin price: 10 USD.
The price includes: plugin WooCommerce Additional Tab “Payment and Delivery”.

You can download plugin WooCommerce Additional Tab “Payment and Delivery” at once after payment.

You can use the plugin only on 1 site which you will indicate when purchasing.
BONUS. Client’s feedback plugin – https://saphali.com/wordpress-plugin-reviews

We accept:

  1. VISA and MasterCard (payment through LiqPay)

Delivery is fully automated.
Right after the payment you will get an email with links to download the plugin and links to instructions if they are attached. Also right after the payment the billing service will redirect you back to our site to the "Thank you" page, where you will also be able to download the plugin. In addition, you can always download the plugin(s) on the orders page in your profile - https://saphali.com/en/account.

You can use a cumulative discount.
If you would like to have discounts on our website in future, we recommend you to create a permanent account on our site. You can register directly when placing the order. To do it when placing the order you should find a line "Do you want to register?" and check the box next to it, after that enter a username and password you will use to login.

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